I was born in 1959 in Tel Aviv, Israel. My parents immigrated from Libya to Israel in 1948. I was raised in a neighborhood surrounded by fields.

My first exposure to art and to the beauty of nature was at the age of 21 during a year’s journey to South America. Upon my return I spent a year studying photography at the Camera Obscura School in Tel Aviv.

From 1985 till 1988 I lived in New York City in a large loft with a number of artists. There I fell in love with art and the art of cooking. Thereafter cooking became my profession and I became a chef.

In 2001, after working for many years with cooking materials, my hands began to feel that something was missing. So I began studying ceramics with the artist Anat Begger. After a year under her tutelage I continued my studies at the Givat Haviva Ceramics Center. Since that time I have continued sculpting in a small studio in my home.

In 2008, following a personal crisis, I made a year’s journey to the Far East. At the age of 50 I came to the conclusion that art and sculpture would be the center of my life and,therefore, went to study at the Bezalel Art Academy in the Department of Ceramics and Glass.
My artistic work deals with the human condition and the spiritual connection between man and nature. My final project at the Bezalel Academy, which I called “Throughout The Ages”, was designed as a temple to female potency and performance. The space connecting between the female energy and the energy of my manhood tells a story.

Today I am completing my second year of studies in the field of art teaching in a combined program of the Hebrew University and the Bezalel Academy. In addition to that, I am working on a number of projects in my private studio.